Carpe Diem Racing, LLC came into existence in 2009.

The name first came up in 1989 when a cycling team based out of Better Bicycle Center in Norwalk decided to call themselves Carpe Diem Racing.

In 1993 the team first promoted the Bethel series, then called the Bethel Training Series. After the first year the original promoters, Mike and Rit, handed the race over to the current promoter, me (Aki). Mike was moving and Rit was withdrawing from the sport.

After many years the Series became the Bethel Spring Series, with each race held under a separate permit. This allowed me to advertise more prize money, it legitimized the races as one day races, and tightened up the standards for racing.

In 2009 Carpe Diem Racing, LLC started up and the prior corporation dissolved.

In 2012 Carpe Diem Racing started offering Event Services, including registration services, finish line camera, and help with setting up race permits and BikeReg pages.

In 2013 Carpe Diem Racing started offering tactical coaching, covering various aspects of mass start road racing without dealing with specific training schedules.