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April 29, 2010: Final GC and Final Team Standings posted under Results.

April 21, 2010: Thanks everyone for another great Series of racing! I hope that everyone got in some good racing and had lots of fun!

Thanks to Navone Studios for the ginormous upgrade in race venue - indoor registration in a space so cool I could hang out there for hours on a non-race day (and had, just did, and will). They updated our podiums, made a great podium spot, took literally tens of thousands of pictures (available here), and did so much that I can't start listing them else I'll feel bad about the dozen or three that I forget.

Thanks to Greg and Bethel Cycle for all their help with the Series, including some cool prizes, great coffee, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff they handle.

Thanks to Verge Sports for supplying us with Leader's Jerseys and the very cool Leader's shoe covers.

Thanks to Outdoor Sports Center for the Leader's Helmets, stickered up by Navone Studios.

Thanks to all the help from the ones that were there week after week - Dave, Melissa, Jonathan, Arianna, Mike, Meg, Erin, Delaney, Herman, and everyone who volunteered their time and energy to help us put on the race.

And, finally, thanks to Ann for all her hard work in the background. She honed the registration process, dealt with the promoting stress and mess (including all my whining and such), and still managed to make it to three of six races.

I think that's it for that bit. Phew.

In other news... USAC results have been sent in.

If you have pictures/video you'd like to share, post a comment here or email me. I'll put a link in the pictures page.

Lost and Found:
Checkbook (I just looked at the name, emailed you)
Debit card (I just looked at the name, emailed you)
Black sweat pants (washed and dried now)
Kenda vest
Yellow sweatshirt? Washed and dried
A couple saddle bags. I lost mine so I'll keep one if no one claims one.

I think that's it for this year. Thanks again and we'll see you all at Bethel in 2011.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something, and when I remember I'll take care of it.

In the fall, October 2, 2010, we're holding a ride to benefit Forgotten Felines, a cat shelter in Old Saybrook, CT. You can sign up on BikeReg here.

Have a great rest of the season,

April 16th
: CAT 5s! The SECOND race will be for points. The first race will not count towards the overall. By default any rider with points will be put in the second race. It will NOT be Even/Odd. Instead the second 50 racers will be in the FIRST race.

If your number ends in 51-00, you will be in the FIRST RACE which will not count for the overall.
If your number ends in 01-50, you will be in the SECOND RACE. This counts for the overall.

Teams will be limited to 5 (five) riders per team in the second race.

April 15th: Hope you have your taxes done... On this site the overall GC has been updated, along with Team GC (link from Results page).

April 14th: Pictures updated, new links for Corey Lynn Tucker on 4/11 and 3/21. Navone Studios has a huge update for 4/11.

APRIL 10th: **** Traffic ALERT! Applies to April 18th! ****

In order to expedite access to the volleyball location, we ask that you NOT park on Second Lane. This is the road with no stop light at the end of it. We will reserve Second Lane for volleyball folks.

In order to minimize the chances of any incidents, we will prohibit riding bikes in the parking lot in front of and around registration. In addition riders must stay off the pavement around the driveway area.

The volleyball folks have been very understanding and are trying their best to accommodate our event. Please be aware of them and extend them the greatest courtesy.

Thanks and we'll see you all Sunday!

March 30, 2010: Links to GC spreadsheets fixed. You can now see the overall standings.

Last two races for 2010 are April 11th, April 18th.

March 29, 2010: I am very pleased to report that we never had to charge anyone for looking up a license! Yay!

I also learned of some more sophisticated registration processes that, if the race lasts long enough, I may be able to implement.

I hope to have GC up in the next day or so. I want to send in results to USAC for the last two races this week (the first two races went Saturday night). For those of you checking USAC frequently, it should be a couple more days.

For those of you wanting to upgrade from Cat 5, remember it's 10 starts in 12 months, not 10 finishes, and you track yourself.

In fact, if you're looking to upgrade from any category, you should be tracking your own starts/finishes/results. If you don't fib, someone can verify those stats for you.

March 28, 2010: Clear, cool conditions. Interestingly enough virtually no one showed up without a license!

March 27, 2010: All fields remain open. Day of Race registration okay for all fields. Remember, Cat 5 registration closes at 7:50 AM.

March 26, 2010: GC and Team standings published.

March 21, 2010:
Going forward, PLEASE HAVE YOUR LICENSE WHEN YOU COME TO REGISTRATION. If you do NOT have your license (or Authorization to Race - AtR), we will be glad to help you - AFTER we help all the responsible folks that have their license.

Although we have an internet connection on site, and we have for a few years, we pay $600 for the internet connection annually. Therefore I am going to charge $10 to look up a license going forward.

Note: Promoters are not required to have an internet connection at a race. Racers are required to have a racing license.

If anyone with a license or AtR comes up to the counter, they get priority over the unprepared racers. It is simply not fair to make other people wait because someone can't get their license. Don't be a greedy, selfish, unprepared racer that has no license. No one, especially not me, likes them.

I don't think I can make this more clear. As a racer it's your responsibility to bring your license or Authorization to Race to the race.

Many of you may think I'm picking on you individually. I am not. There were so many people who didn't have their license it was mind boggling.

So do me a favor if you want to race the Bethel Spring Series. Bring your license. Please.

Also, Cat 5 registration closes at 7:50 AM. We have two races because there is a rule limiting Cat 5s to 50 racer field limits. We do NOT have a second race so that people can show up later.

If you show up late for your race, you are late. Late racers don't race, they watch the race they just missed.

I gave attitude to a Cat 5 that showed up well into the first race. He was pre-registered and had his license (yay!). He was also in the first race, which, at that point, was probably half over (boo!). I let him in the second race. I was bad but I let the whole pity thing get to me. (This was an individual picking-on thing - I think he was the one that asked me, "Are you the promoter??")


Other than having a certain race promoter get extremely frustrated with all sorts of unprepared racers begging and pleading to race when they had no legal right to race, and other than one bad crash in the P123 race, the day went well.

So thanks for coming out to race, thanks to everyone who showed up with a license or AtR, and thanks to the folks that helped out and made it all possible.

I should be all friendly by next week :)

March 19, 2010: 60+ races for Cat 5s. Don't make any assumptions - arrive to race at 8 AM. All fields are open so you can register Day Of Race. Weather should be nice!

March 14, 2010: Race is On!

March 13, 2010
: "T'was a dark and stormy night..." Races are scheduled to go on as planned, but I will update the site and the cell phone (203 820 6132) between 6 and 7 AM. If the roads are impassable, wind is howling, we may postpone or cancel.

However, right now, assume the race is on.

March 8, 2010: Results posted. Helmet cam video from a competitor on the pictures page.

March 6, 2010: Sweep Day was a success! The course is clean, virtually dust free. Seriously.

No, really, it's in good shape. We have a great location for registration. 262 racer registered. All fields have openings. Weather should be in the 40s or even 50s.

See you out there!

Jan 15, 2010: Sweep Day will be Saturday March 6, 2010, at 10 AM. Folks who help will get automatic entry into three (3) races of their choice. If weather conditions are abysmal, entry count will go up accordingly.

Jan 12, 2010: USAC has approved permits. Waiting for me to send in some signed paperwork. Bikereg open for business!

2010 Bethel Spring Series Registration

Nov 24, 2009: The Town of Bethel has approved the races for the March and April dates I requested.

Race Dates 2010 (all Sundays):
March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 11, 18

We'll also be announcing any changes for 2010. Keep tuned.

Previously posted:

**We plant to keep the entry fees the same as 2009, pending any changes in the insurance surcharge.

**Pre-reg: $14 for the first race of the day, $11 for the second race of the day.

**Pre-reg for the Series: $12 per week, $72 for the Series. $132 for 2 races/week for the Series ($11/race). On Series registration we refund any race/portion where we cancel, and we work with you if you want to move around your entry (but please make request before the races affected, not afterwards).

**Day of race registration costs $20 for the first race, $13 for the second race.

Remember, pre-registering will save you money, and if a race is canceled, we will refund your money (minus any BikeReg fees). If you pre-reg by mail you'll get all but your postage back. For those snail-mail registrants, remember you must fill out one release form for each day of the Series.

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